About Us

Both of us are in our middle sixties and enjoy living in central Virginia. Karn needed something to do other than his favorite hobby, sleeping. He decided we should learn to do stained glass. Uncertain what led him there, as we had not collected any stained glass, viewed any at craft shows, or even talked of stained glass. He wanted to learn and asked me to ask an online friend, how he started to learn the development of his hobby in glass. He suggested the yellow pages. Who would have thought there would be a professional teacher in a small Virginia area. Yes,,,the phone book led us to Zekiah Glass and many hours of lessons and fun. With the lesson came a friend, called Barney and the rest is history. During this period of time, approximately three years, Karn became ill and stopped for about nine months. Many lessons later and after much encouragement, Karn has enjoyed the last year doing many beautiful projects. Marion had to take time away from glass for some serious medical treatment but returned to glass mainly enjoying the design aspect of the art. She did make glass panels for the individuals who had been instrumental in her recovery process.

Leaving the studio to Karn, Marion went back to the computer as a hobby. She learned more about graphic design and web design. After her illness, she didn't return to college studies. She decided tests and assignments were a bit stressful and living each day to the fullest was her desire.

Years before, she had created email stationery, studied graphic design, and also scripting before becoming ill. These interests led her back to college to study html, the Macromedia Studio for web design and animation. Even a semester in photography was a joy.

This web site is for additional personal study in web design and to provide a gallery of glass for Karn where more panels can be added as they are done. As time goes on Marion will be shifting time from developing images back to dynamic features in the Macromedia Studio.

Karn continues to develop glass panels and donates panels to the American Diabetes Association for their fund raisers.

Retirement does bring us the opportunity to enjoy art in a way we never had time for while working. May each day be filled with more beauty and joy.